How rapidly HIV progresses in different people

What influences the rapid occurrence of AIDS, and how to reduce the risk of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

The same disease in all people takes place in different ways, especially when it comes to the development of the disease and the deterioration of the condition. Of course, this also applies to HIV infection. As you know, after a short period of deterioration, a person can live with this virus for many years, completely unaware that he is infected with an incurable disease, and that cells of his immunity die every minute, protecting the health of the body. But sooner or later immunity is exhausted, which means one thing – AIDS. The syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency is the extreme stage of the human body’s defeat by HIV infection, which can no longer go unnoticed, because the health of the infected person will greatly deteriorate and may turn fatal.

The period when the virus remains unnoticed can be both very long, for example, about 20 years, and extremely short-lived. If you do not go through treatment and continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, AIDS can develop in a person in a few years, and sometimes from the moment of infection does not last a year. In general, the average life expectancy of an HIV-positive person without the necessary treatment is 10 years from the moment of infection with the virus. But, of course, this figure depends on the individual characteristics of a person, because each of us leads a different lifestyle, eats different foods and communicates with different people.

In history, unique cases are known when HIV-infected people have lived without treatment for many years, but they are not for nothing called unique, because most often the period of life with HIV without treatment does not exceed ten years. Therefore, doctors are strongly advised to take a regular HIV test and know their HIV status on a regular basis. The treatment can make a person practically healthy and reduce the viral load to an almost imperceptible level. Science has reached the point that even sex with HIV-positive people, who undergo antiretroviral therapy and is regularly checked by a doctor, can become almost safe, but this, of course, does not mean that you can afford to ignore the use of contraceptives. So, treatment is one of the most effective ways to live with an HIV-infected person for a long time and happily. Increasingly, patients of AIDS centers create families, give birth to children – in general, live a full life. In people undergoing antiretroviral therapy, HIV develops extremely slowly, and even more often – it returns to the very beginning stage and does not cause irreparable harm to health.

There are several other factors influencing the rate of HIV development. So, a person who leads a healthy lifestyle and sports, has high immunity, so that the body can resist HIV longer, but, as is known, sooner or later the virus will win. Conversely, if a person takes drugs, does not disdain messy sexual relations, eats harmful food, often suffers and already has a number of opportunistic diseases, the virus will spread rapidly throughout the body and bring it to AIDS. After all, the immune system of such an HIV-positive will be practically unable to fight the virus. But in either case, knowing your HIV status is necessary, and if the test shows a positive result, every patient should regularly go to the doctor for examination.

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